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A Professional Debt Recovery Firm

At Kramer-Fox, we specialize in Asset & Liability Investigations, Legal Forwarding and Commercial Collection Solutions.

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Why Choose Us?

Asset & Liability Investigations
  • Asset & Liability Investigators local to your customer
  • Research Liens, Judgements and UCC Filings
  • Contact current Vendors & Suppliers of your customers
  • Locate Obtainable Equipment & Property 
  • Locate and Secure Current Bank Account Information
Commercial Collections
  • Conduct A&L Investigations Prior to Putting Customers on Notice
  • Hand Deliver Notices and Demands  
  • Work Directly with Local Collection Attorneys  
  • Access to our Lien Specialist 
Legal Forwarding
  • National Network of Collections Attorneys & Private Process Servers
  • Each case is evaluated on its own merit before counsel is retained
  • Counsel is Provided a copy of the A&L prior to suit being filed
  • Prepare, File and Serve Prejudgment Writs of Attachments
Post Judgment
  • Locate current financial institutions
  • Prepare, File and Serve all necessary writs of garnishment and executions
  • Coordinate with Local Law Enforcement on Equipment and Property Executions
  •  Locate current Customer Vendor Contracts to attach the Judgment
  • Work directly with the Court Appointed Receivers and Turnover Agents
Asset & Liability Investigations

Kramer Fox, as a national network of asset and liability investigators that are local to your customers that specialize in the research of liens, judgements and UCC Filings. The Registered Agent and Principals of the company are verified in conjunction with the filed addresses for all parties. This groundwork takes place at local courthouses. Multiple vendors and suppliers of your customer are contacted. In addition, our investigators are skilled in locating and securing the recovery of property and equipment. Our investigators research open lines of credit and locate and service notices to current financial institutions.  

Commercial Collections

Our firm works directly with our network of investigators and attorneys to assist our clients in the recovery of outstanding receivables. In addition, we specialize in the resolution and mediation of contract disputes. We are able to fast track the assigned files through our asset and liability channels, so when your customer is notified, our local firm has a detailed report to assist with the assessment of the claim. Our team is able to make an informed decision on the financial stability of the customer and determine the likelihood of a collectible judgment.

Legal Forwarding

Kramer Fox utilizes a national network of collections attorneys and private process servers that has been carefully cultivated over the last twenty years. Each case is evaluated on its own merit and handled in a fair and professional manner. Counsel is provided a copy of the asset and liability report when the file has been forwarded. This allows prejudgment writs of attachments to be filed along with the initial complaint, increasing the likelihood of collectability. 

Post Judgment

Kramer Fox was initially built to assist commercial collection attorneys with post judgment recovery. We locate current financial institutions in order to file all necessary writs of garnishment. Our approach allows us to pinpoint obtainable assets so our local firms can file the appropriate writs of garnishment and execution. We work directly with local law enforcement on equipment repossession, then follow the equipment through auction and ultimately apply proceeds to the outstanding judgment. We also work with local offices in the event a court appointed receiver is assigned to assist in post judgment collections. Our offices work to locate current vendors and suppliers currently under contract with the judgement debtor. Our local firms are often able to process post judgment writs of attachment on active contracts.

Nationwide Collection Service

Kramer, Fox & Associates is based in Austin, Texas. We work with a network of law firms nationwide on collections litigation. No matter which zip code the debtor lives, we can conduct a face to face visit with the debtor.

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debt recovery experts
Do you need your receivables collected without damaging existing business relationships?
Are you simply fed up with your debtor and would you like to know if it is finally time to take that business to court?

Kramer, Fox & Associates offers customized approaches to collections tailored to your specific needs. This firm is not here to burn bridges between our client and their customers in any way. If we are to keep the debtor as a customer, we can go in and arbitrate the account. If for any reason you have to pursue the debtor into litigation, we can make recommendations on what attorneys have the ability to pursue the account into litigation for your company. Though we make every effort to recover your claim outside of litigation, if your debtor is simply unwilling, we help you determine if a lawsuit would truly increase your chance of recovery. When our clients go to trial they are represented by one of our tried and trusted attorneys in the debtor’s city. Our clients are updated every step of the way. Once judgment is rendered we work with the local constable to freeze bank accounts, property and assets.

24/7 Online Access

Our Client Portal gives clients access to add their debtors, upload documents and check their accounts out 24/7.

Debt Recovery Made Easy

When you partner with Kramer Fox, we become an extension and not a duplication of your in-house procedures.

Let’s Work Together

Contact us today to start the process of improving your in-house collections.

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Christopher S.

“I have known Brett for almost 10 years. He is always professional and listens carefully to resolve the issue for the client with the least amount of trouble for the client. He knows the commercial collection business better then anyone I have ever worked with and can explain to his client how they will be successful upfront. He gets results quickly using his long term skills and experience with difficult cases. I would recommend Brett to anyone who is looking for a reliable commercial collector to resolve the most difficult situations.”

// Precision partnerships, llc
Jason W.

“My law firm hired Kramer, Fox & Associates for a client of ours to recover money on a years-old judgment that others had turned down as noncollectable. Brett came highly recommended to us, and in less than 3 months the debt was settled more than 90% of its actual value. Myself and my client was thrilled, and we've since used Kramer Fox with good experiences each time”

// customs law & money seizure law
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